What are Good Dental Crowns? The Trending Dental Crowns for this Year

What are Good Dental Crowns? The Trending Dental Crowns for this Year

Jan 02, 2023

Dental crowns are a solution for individuals with cracked or chipped teeth. The crowns provide a long-lasting solution that helps prevent bacteria from entering the holes in your teeth and allows you to drink and eat normally. Although crowns are not as strong as natural teeth, they are the best alternative for aesthetic and functional purposes.

What is a Dental Crown?

And dental crown comes in many sizes and shapes, but it’s a tooth-shaped cap used to protect and uncover a broken part of the tooth. Crowns resemble the natural appearance of the teeth, and Fall River Valley Dentist specializes in this field and offers a variety of options to fit your requirements.

Types of Crowns

There are several options of crowns that you’ll be able to choose from. They include:

Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain dental crowns are the best material that resembles the natural appearance of your teeth. Therefore, they are popular with people who want crowns resembling their natural teeth. This is especially when the affected tooth is the front tooth.

Stainless Steel

These dental crowns are used to protect your teeth while the permanent crown is made. They help alleviate the risk of decay and bacteria entering your mouth’s treatment area. During this time, one is always waiting for the permanent crown to be ready. The stainless steel crowns are never used permanently.

When the permanent crown is ready, your dentist removes the steel crown and replaces it with the permanent crown.

Metal Crowns

Metal crowns are known for their resistance to decay and durability. These crowns are long-lasting and incredibly strong. Unfortunately, metal crowns are the most durable but also the most expensive.

Metal crowns are able to withstand biting and chewing and resist decay.

Gold Crowns

These crowns are uncommon, although they are still used. They are made of copper and other metals such as chromium and nickel. They are strong and durable, being the main advantage. Gold crowns are mostly used for back restorations due to their Carla and aesthetics.

Porcelain and Metal Hybrids

Porcelain and metal hybrids dental crowns mimic the porcelain’s ability and titanium’s durability to create a hybrid tooth crown. They are usually used for back and front teeth to improve aesthetics and durability.

Resin Crown

This is the least expensive type of dental crown. Resin crowns are becoming less popular thanks to the introduction of titanium and porcelain crowns.

Temporary Crowns

Temporary crowns are used to cover your teeth temporarily when a person is waiting for their permanent crown. They have normally created from acrylic-based metals and remain in your mouth for up to two weeks. And since these crowns are temporary, you should take care of them when you eat to ensure they stay tight enough.

Why you Should Care for Your Dental Crowns

Caring for your dental crowns will make them last longer. Our dentist in Fall River will give you tips on caring for your dental crown.

Avoid Hard and Sticky Foods

Dental crowns are strong and durable, but you can damage them just like natural teeth. Chewing on hard candies or ice can crack, chip, or break your dental crown. This means that your dental crown will need to be replaced earlier than usual.

Chewy or sticky food cause problems either by loosening or weakening your crown or making sticky bites trapped between your dental crown and your gum.

Floss and Brush to Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Your dentist in Burney, CA, will advise you to brush the tooth with the crown carefully to help remove sticky plaque and keep the crown in its best condition. Also, food particles can be trapped between the crown and your gum, so it’s important to floss daily.

Finally, when you have a temporary crown, ensure you don’t dislodge it when flossing.

Kick Your Bad Habits

You should stop biting your nails or chewing on hard objects or eyes. Also, stop grinding your teeth when you’re stressed. Please, because these habits break your dental crowns and natural teeth.

The Trending Dental Crowns this Season

Layered zirconia and high translucent zirconia Dental crowns in McArthur, CA, Have become the more popular choice lately. They are long-lasting and robust, making them less likely to break or chip.

In addition, the process is not time-consuming because the cornea is cut and shaped at your dentist’s office.

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