How Long Does It Take for a Dental Bridge to Stop Hurting?

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How Long Does It Take for a Dental Bridge to Stop Hurting?

Dec 01, 2022

Missing teeth do not merely cause embarrassment when smiling but also affect your self-esteem and general health. If you decide to replace your lost teeth, you can receive suitable replacements for them from dental bridges.

If you don’t know what a dental bridge is, this is a replacement tooth or teeth held by abutment teeth on both sides of the missing tooth gap by dental crowns affixed on your natural teeth. Dental bridges are excellent replacement solutions if you have a void between healthy teeth and wish to close them with a durable restorative solution representing a long-lasting solution.

Whether you are missing your back teeth or need a front dental bridge, dentists can satisfy your needs by providing the appropriate restorative solution that helps suit your requirements. All it requires from you is to visit the provider in your locality to request replacement solutions for your missing teeth. However, the dentist near you requires at least three weeks to complete the bridge procedure because the restorations need customization from a dental laboratory after preparing your teeth to accommodate them. Therefore you must prepare to endure some discomfort after the preparation and getting your artificial tooth positioned in your mouth.

Why Consider Dental Bridges?

If you have missing teeth or a single tooth loss, it can affect your oral and overall health besides your smile. Dental bridges can restore your smile and capability to bite and chew correctly, maintain your facial shape, readjust your bite, and prevent your teeth from shifting out from their present position. Dental bridges in McArthur, CA, assess your candidacy for dental bridges during your consultation with them for the replacements. You also receive information on the dental bridge procedure and the recovery time you need to heal after dental bridge placement.

How Long Is the Healing Process for a Bridge?

The dental bridge process requires the dentist to reshape the natural teeth adjacent to the missing tooth by filing their tops and sides to remove tooth structure to accommodate dental crowns that function as supporting teeth. The process causes discomfort, but the dentist gives you local anesthesia to numb pain and eases your discomfort. Your dental bridge’s artificial tooth is held between the dental crowns after attaching to them with dental cement. The providers give you temporary bridges to wear over the reshaped teeth for protection until the dental lab returns your permanent bridges for placement in your mouth.

Dental laboratories require approximately three weeks to customize your dental bridges from dental-grade porcelain, making them appear like your natural teeth. After three weeks, you can revisit the McArthur Bridge provider to have your artificial teeth affixed in your missing tooth gap. The second appointment will not cause significant discomfort because the temporary bridges are attached to your teeth using temporary cement comfortably removable by the dentist without causing pain. However, if you are anxious, you can request anesthesia which the dentist happily provides.

The dentist verifies the color and fit of your permanent tooth bridge and makes any adjustments if needed before they place your customized restoration in the missing tooth gap.

What We Expect after Getting a Dental Bridge?

After getting dental bridges to replace front or back teeth, you can expect some soreness in the mouth for a few days and changes in your bite. Pain and sensitivity also accompany the new placement in your mouth, making you concerned about your new replacement teeth. However, the discomfort you feel is expected and not a cause for concern.

The discomfort subsides in a couple of weeks because you become accustomed to the new appliance in your mouth. However, you must avoid scorching and freezing foods during the adjustment period, especially if you have sensitive teeth. The McArthur provider recommends using toothpaste for sensitive teeth in the initial few days to help with pain and discomfort.

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After getting a dental bridge, discomfort is expected as your natural teeth are ground to accommodate the replacements. However, you get accustomed to the appliance in approximately two weeks and shouldn’t encounter further challenges with the replacement. However, if the discomfort doesn’t disappear, you can contact the McArthur provider to determine what’s wrong with your artificial teeth.

Dental bridges last for over a decade proper dental hygiene and regular oral prophylaxis from your dentist. However, when getting them, you can expect some discomfort in the mouth two weeks before the bridge settles in your mouth to function as your natural teeth.

If the problem of missing teeth concerns you, Fall River Valley Dentist provides dental bridges in McArthur to close the gaps between your teeth. Consult with this practice today to determine your candidacy for dental bridge placement and receive your replacement teeth from them without delay.



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