Why Are Dental Crowns Important?

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Why Are Dental Crowns Important?

Jan 01, 2022

Dental crowns, the visible portion of your tooth, help you eat and nourish yourself. However, after years of use and perhaps neglect, the crown can weaken from decay, becoming prone to breaking or cracking. If you encounter accidents when playing sports, you may have a fractured tooth causing discomfort and disallowing you from eating or chewing. Suppose you have a large cavity requiring extensive tooth structure removal. When filling your tooth, it weakens and becomes challenging to use. Your teeth are robust and expected to last for a lifetime. However, the above incidents weaken your tooth, making it unusable. What can you do in such situations?

Your dental crown can never regenerate after it breaks or sustains damage from the instances described. In such cases, if you need solid and functional teeth, the dentist in McArthur, CA, provides dental crowns made from porcelain for placement over your damaged teeth. The artificial crown offered by the dentist resembles a cap created to replace your damaged tooth. Dental crowns are ideal replacements for broken teeth because they fit snugly over your tooth to restore its strength, shape, size, and appearance. In addition, the artificial restoration is bonded to your teeth to cover the visible portion.

How Many Types Of Dental Crowns Can You Get?

Various materials help make dental crowns suitable for your damaged teeth. After having it evaluated, you can discuss which type of dental crown is best suited for your specific situation. A visit to the dentist near me will give you sufficient information on all kinds of crowns available and the variety best suits your situation.

For example, you can have metal crowns made from gold, palladium, nickel, and chromium if you need crowns on your back teeth. Metal crowns are incredibly durable and unlikely to chip and break, making them ideal for restoring damaged molars. If you need dental crowns for the anterior teeth, dental crowns in McArthur, CA, recommend having porcelain fused to metal crowns or all-porcelain crowns to ensure the restoration doesn’t impact your smile. You can also have all resin or pressed ceramic crowns if you desire.

Advantages of Dental Crowns

A damaged or overused tooth is similar to not having a tooth. Instead of heaping additional damage on the tooth, if you have it restored with dental crowns, you allow it to function as it did earlier without the fear of damaging it. For example, if you had a recent root canal treatment, the therapy would have weakened your tooth unit, making it susceptible to fracture and breakage. You can have dental fillings placed over the tooth, but the restoration does not fulfill your needs. However, if you have a dental crown to restore your root canal-treated tooth, you can continue using the tooth as you did earlier. Besides fixing the appearance of your teeth and smile, dental crowns make your teeth more durable without needing any special attention. After you have your teeth restored with dental crowns, you can rest assured they remain with you for 10-15 years with proper dental hygiene. A damaged tooth is similar to not having a tooth. A crowned tooth becomes a new tooth that dentists provide for you to use with care.

Is It Challenging to Get Dental Crowns?

You will likely not confront any challenges when visiting the McArthur dentist requesting dental crowns. However, you must set aside time for at least two appointments with the dentist spanning over three weeks.

The dentist evaluates your teeth during your first appointment to determine whether any infections exist. If affected by any conditions, the dentist recommends treatments for you to have before getting dental crowns. If your damaged teeth are without any diseases, the dentist proceeds with your request and begins preparing your broken teeth to accommodate the restoration.

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You receive anesthesia in your mouth, and after your tooth is numb, the dentist files the tops and sides of the tooth, making space for your new crown to fit. Impressions of your teeth help the dentist have your customized crown fabricated in a dental laboratory. Finally, you receive a temporary crown your prepared teeth to protect them.

You revisit the dentist after three weeks when the laboratory would have returned your permanent restoration. The second appointment also begins with anesthesia as the dentist removes the temporary crown and examines the color and fit of the permanent restoration. If everything is acceptable, the permanent crown is bonded to the prepared tooth to give you a new dental crown over your existing tooth.

If you think your damaged or overused teeth need restorations, Fall River Valley Dentist provides dental crowns of all types to restore the health and functionality of your broken teeth. Please contact them for the rehabilitation you need without delay.



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