What is the Purpose of World Smile Day?

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What is the Purpose of World Smile Day?

Oct 03, 2022

Do not underestimate the power of the smile because it can melt hearts. It’s an excellent tool that can eradicate all the negativity in your life. The first Friday of October (7th October) is celebrated as World Smile Day every year. Even one person can celebrate it by doing simple things. We will list below some World Smile Day activities that you can consider on this fascinating day.

What is National World Smile Day?

This day is celebrated to honor a famous commercial artist – Harvey Ball. He developed the first smiley face in 1963. The purpose of World Smile Day is to bring a shining smile to everyone all across the nation by doing small acts of kindness. Whether you decide to compliment a stranger or donate to the needy, it will help to brighten your day and motivate you to bring more smiles into the world.

How Can We Celebrate World Smile Day?

Every single person can make a big difference on World Smile Day. Check out our awesome ideas below:

1. Spread the Cute Smile

Take some time out of your schedule to smile at people you see. Even studies have proved that smiling causes a strong physiological effect on your mood. Even if it’s forced, it can lead to happiness. The act of smiling is contagious. It means the more smiles you spread, the more you will get. You can share a smile by:

  • Create a list of what makes people around you smile.
  • Send smiley messages to colleagues, family members, and even others.
  • Hang a large smiley poster in the schools every year. It will act as a reminder to students to always smile.

2. Visit a Dental Clinic Near You

Another excellent way to celebrate World Smile Day 2022 is to take care of your bright smile. When you smile, your teeth are the first thing that people see. Therefore, make sure they are always shining and in a healthy state.

You must schedule an appointment at Fall River Valley Dentist for dental checkups and teeth cleanings at least once a year. The experts will also provide great tips to maintain straight and white teeth.

3. Do Something Kind

One of the unique things to consider on this occasion is to do an act of kindness. For example, you can donate to charity homes, spend time with those at disability schools, help seniors at old-age homes, etc. When you help others, it will bring happiness to you automatically.

4. Follow Your Dreams

Your dreams are what you want to do or want to be. It will help you become a happier and a better individual. Therefore, if you are passionate about something, do it and inspire others on Smile Day.

5. Stay with Those That Inspire You

Having a support system is what makes you live your life to the fullest and happily. Thus, make sure you surround yourself with people that encourage and inspire you in difficult times. They will make your professional and personal life better.

6. Stay Positive

Our perspective toward life depends on how we look at things and react to different situations. On this occasion, let the positive thoughts come to your mind to uplift your mood.

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7. Do Funny Things That Make You and Others LOL 

Turn the frown upside down by doing hilarious things that make you happy and laugh. For example, you can send funny messages or quotes to your friends, tell a joke to strangers, etc. It will help you spread little joys wherever you go.

8. Share Your Smiley Selfie on Social Media

Clicking smiley selfies using your smartphone and sharing them on social media will make you happier. Happy World Smile Day is the perfect occasion. It will make you confident and relieves stress.

9. Take Care of the Environment

As responsible citizens, we must make our surroundings clean and hygienic. On World Smile Day, you can be a part of this noble mission. Cleanliness of surroundings not only includes houses but public areas also such as public toilets, parks, etc. It is one of the basic needs of a civilized lifestyle. Peaceful and clean surroundings can offer a boost to our physical and mental health. It also motivates others to take care of the environment.




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