Are Partial Dentures More Secure Than Full Dentures?

Are Partial Dentures More Secure Than Full Dentures?

Jun 01, 2022

Problems Caused by Missing Teeth

Missing teeth cause different problems, and they include:

  • Bone loss

Having a robust and healthy jaw bone is key to keeping your teeth strong and not getting any cavities. Whenever you chew your food, the grinding action stimulates the bone of your jaw so that this holds your other teeth in place.

Missing teeth also cause bone loss in your jaw – because a missing tooth in your mouth can no longer contact bone. So if you have a tooth missing, your jaw bone is likely to deteriorate over time, leading to weakening your other teeth.

  • Teeth shifting

The spaces between the gums can cause the teeth to shift and occupy the spaces available. This further weakens the teeth and also causes them to become crooked.

  • Bite problems

As the teeth move, they can affect how they come together and the bite. This affects how you chew the foods and also causes jaw problems.

What Are the Features of Full and Partial Dentures?

Complete dentures and partial dentures are both used to replace the missing teeth. They provide you with a new set of teeth that look and feel natural. Complete dentures cover the entire area of your mouth, and partial dentures are used to cover only one or a few missing teeth.

  • Full dentures

Complete or standard dentures are necessary if you have more than half of the teeth missing. They are made of acrylic and use suction to secure the gums. Having missing teeth affects the jawbone, which will affect the dentures’ fit. This means you will need regular visits to a dental office in Burney for adjustments to ensure a perfect fit. Complete dentures provide you with a set of stable, natural-looking teeth. They provide you with a natural chewing experience. The dentures also protect your mouth from infection.

  • Partial dentures

A partial denture is used to replace one or more missing teeth. These can be made of one part of a full denture. You can also buy a partial denture with a matching set of teeth. The partial denture is made of hard plastic material bonded to the gum. The denture is shaped to fit the space left by the missing tooth, and it can last up to eight years.

Partial dentures are more affordable than complete dentures. They can last up to eight years and be replaced if broken. They are less invasive, and they are also less expensive.

Are Partial Dentures More Stable than the Full Ones?

Yes. Partial dentures are more secure because they use remaining natural teeth to stabilize the denture.
But, you can make complete dentures secure by using dental implants for support. The implants are fixed on the jaw to replace the roots of the artificial teeth. However, you need to have sufficient bone support for the implants to be fixed.

How Are the Dentures Fixed?

Getting partials and full dentures in McArthur, CA, follows a few steps and can take a few months. The dentist will examine the teeth to determine what type of denture is ideal. He will take measurements of the jaws and how they relate to each other and take a series of impressions of the exact shape of the teeth. The dentist will check the fit of the models, the color, and the condition, before making the final cast.

How Can You Care for Your Dental Dentures?

It is essential to care for your dentures to lengthen their durability.

  • Clean and rinse the dentures after eating and before wearing them.
  • Brush your teeth and gums after removing the dentures with a soft toothbrush
  • Soak the dentures overnight in a denture solution to keep them moist
  • Visit a dentist at Burney dental clinic to have the dentures examined for the fit and professionally cleaned.

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